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Before Login you have to ensure that
1. You have prepared all drawings as per online layer instruction sheet.
2. DEMO for online submission of building plan.
3. Any relaxtation of building rule, if required has to be obtained prior to online submission(like change of back,relaxtation of road, u/s 59(2) etc.).
4. Before online application all relavent documents must be in your hand and document section should be filled up properly. Proceed till click final submission button.
5. You have to complete the all procedure of online data fill up within 3 days from first login.
6. After final submission through online you have to submit all hard copy documents within 3 working days. Failing which your submission is liable for rejection without future notification.
7. Any wrong information and or incomplete online submission by LBS/Archtect will attract provision of I.T. Act & Rules and may impound your licence.