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"KMC will be efficient, effective, equitable,
citizen responsive, financially sustainable and transparent,delivering quality service to its citizens."
vision image of kolkata We have a vision.
We believe that Kolkata has the potential to be one of the best cities of the world.
We see Kolkata as a clean and attractive city of international repute in which all people have access to quality services.

In our vision, KMC will be :-

 Efficient and effective - providing service to its customers in a professional, economical, timely, useful and helpful manner.

 Equitable - assuring service to all its citizens including the vulnerable and deprived groups in a fair, just and reasonable manner.

 Citizen responsive - developing a sense of involvement and participation in all its stakeholders by pro-actively addressing their concerns and    providing complete customer satisfaction.

 Financially sustainable - reducing KMC’s dependence on state funds by optimising and efficiently managing its revenues, and

 Transparent - providing an accountable and transparent civic administration for the benefit of external users as well as internal employees.