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২০১৯-২০২০ অর্থবর্ষের বিবিধ মাশুলের তালিকা
  Sl. No.   Advertisement Fees, Charges etc.
  Rates of Fees, Charges & Security Deposit
  u/s 202   u/s 203   Remarks
  Figures in Rupees.
1(a) For Hoarding/Post/Kiosks/Structures etc. per sq.ft. per year or part therof (upto 800 sq.ft.)
30.00 140.00 See Note xiv & xv
1(b) For Hoarding/Post/Kiosks/Structures etc. per sq.ft. per year or part therof (Above 800 sq.ft.)
50.00 250.00 See Note xvi
2 For Collapsible Kiosk/Canopy (5'x5') per spot per calender month (per piece per location)
600.00 2800.00 --
3(a) For Vehicles, Own Delivery Van, Bus Back Panel per sq.ft. per year
40.00 85.00 See Note v
3(b) For Vehicles carrying Board/Painting etc. (permission for tableau for hired vechiles to be given maximun of 10 days at a time)
40.00 85.00 -
4 For Glow Sign Board (fixed on top of the shop) per sq.ft. per year or per thereof
39.00 116.00 -
5 For Glow Sign Board on portico per sq.ft. per year or per thereof
39.00 116.00 See Note vii
6 For Cloth Banner (minimum 6'x3'), Flex Banner (minimum 3'x3'), Gate Frame Banner etc. Temporary per sq.ft. per calender month
- 15.00 See Note vi
7 For Leaflets/Handbills per calender month per 1000 pieces
600.00 600.00 -
8 For Umbrella per pieces per calender month per location
300.00 900.00 -
8 For Balloon per piece per calender month per spot
300.00 1200.00 See Note vii
10 For Non-news Magazines & Yellow Pages/Magazines for advertisement only per year or part thereof for full page advertisement or part thereof for each issue
25.00 35.00 -
11 For Cap/Sun Protector/T Shirt per month (1000 pieces)
- 1000.00 -
12 For Audio System (4 Speakers) per month per each set
1600.00 900.00 -
13 For Video Display in public place per TV Screen per month per spot
5200.00 4800.00 -
14 For Car Sticker (maximum 2'x1' per vechile per year per logo per 1000 cars
1700.00 4300.00 -
15(a) For Poster upto 6 sq.ft. (maximum 3000 pieces) per month
800.00 - See Note ii & iii
15(b) For Poster above 6 sq.ft. (maximum 4000 pieces) per month
1000.00 - See Note ii & iii
16 For Indicator Board per sq.ft. per year or per thereof
50.00 80.00 See Note vii
17 For Cinema Slide per slide per month
- 200.00 -
18 For Cinema, Ad Flim/Movie Flim Show (Cinema Hall or Local Cable TV) per reel per month
60.00 540.00 -
19(a) For Mobile Hoarding mounted on Heavy Vehicles (300 sq.ft.) per vehicle per year
3,00,000.00 - -
19(b) For Mobile Hoarding mounted on Small Vehicles (like TATA 407) per vehicle per year
1,50,000.00 - -
19(c) For Mobile Hoarding mounted on Small Vehicles (like CHHOTA HATI) per vehicle per year
1,00,000.00 - -
20(a) For Bus Shelter on KMC Board (200 sq.ft. restricted)
30.00 140.00 See Note xiii
20(b) For Bus Shelter on other than KMC Board
30.00 140.00 -
21 For V Shaped Hoarding for I&CA Deptt., Govt. of W.B.
30.00 140.00 See Note viii
22 For Display on moving Human Body like RAN-PA etc. per person per month
- 1000.00 -
23(a) Display through Cut-Out (non illuminated) per sq.ft. per month
- 30.00 -
23(b) Display through Cut-Out (illuminated) per sq.ft. per month
- 60.00 -
24 For Laser/LED per sq.ft. per month
- 200.00 See Note x
25 For Temporay Lamp-Post Kiosk per sq.ft. per month
- 50.00 -
Note :
i) Rates, Fees and Charges & Taxes for uncovered categories of medium of Advt. shall be decided by the Municipal Commissioner.
ii) Commercial Poster to be reinstaed.
iii) Other Posters will not be allowed on certain restricted locations like walls of heritage buildings, heritage zone & no hoarding zone, Govt. Offices, Corporate house, Hospitals, Educational Institutions & any public utility installation etc.
iv) Wall painting is not permitted. If there is any, a fine of Rs. 400/- per Sqft. per month will be imposed. This fine may be imposed upon the Company whose product will be advertised by wall painting.
v) In case of back panel display on Bus/Mini Bus etc.: Minimum Size 6'X3'=18 Sqft.
vi) In case of cloth banner: Minimum Size 6'X3'=18 Sqft. and in case of Frame banner: Minimum Size 3'X3'=9 Sqft.
vii) In case of gas balloon, no objection certificate from the Airport Authority is required.
viii) Base Land utilization charges will be collected @ Rs. 1870/- per sq. ft./per year or part thereof for permanent Indicator Board/Glow Sign Board on footpath, Portico, Pillars & other permanent structure bearing advertisement fixed on KMC property, if permitted by KMC.
(In case of Indicator/Glow Sign Board fixed on private premises no L.U.C. is to be charged subject to the permission of landlord).
In case of permanent display Advertisement Tax will be charged proportionately on the basis of sanctioned date.
ix) Apart from advertisement if anything done (related to events like drama/drum beating/singing etc.) an extra amount of Rs. 5200/- will be charges for 15th days
x) Rate for Laser/LED u/s 202 & 203 will be Rs. 200/- per sq.ft./per month. Land Utilization Charges will be additionally charged when Advertisent is fixes on KMC Land.
xi) For Tri display rate will be Double the usual rate u/s 203 (1)
xii) Advertisement on Gantry(across the road):Twice the normal rate u/s 203.
All demands will be raised quarterly and are to be paid quarterwise in advance within 10th of the
1st month of the quarter(i.e 10th April,10th July,10th October,10th January)
xiii) Base Land Utilization Charges will be collected @ Rs. 1,10,000/- per year or part thereof for Bus Shelters, if permitted by KMC.
xiv) In case of existing Hoarding no permission fee is required.
xv) Within Kolkata City Proper size of Hoarding is restricted upto 800 sq.ft.
xvi) No Hoarding above 800 sq.ft. will be permitted within KMC area except E M Bye Pass including Service Road, P C Connector up to 4 No. Bridge, R B Connector up to Booster Pumping Station & Bosepukur.