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Capacity Building Programme (CBP) :: Brief Overview
The USD370 million, multi-agency project – the Kolkata Environmental Improvement Project (KEIP) was launched to provide an improved urban environment, equitable access to municipal services, and more effective municipal management in the city. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has sanctioned a loan of USD220 million for KEIP, primarily in the added areas of KMC and in 100 slums.

Capacity Building Programme

The KEIP feasibility study identified the need for wider capacity building in KMC and proposed a Capacity Building Programme (CBP) under the KEIP. The Department for International Development (DFID), Government of U.K, agreed to provide upto £28.3m million over a six-year period to implement the CBP. The purpose of the programme is to transform KMC into an institution of excellence in city administration and good governance, providing sustainable and equitable urban services in the city, especially to the poor.

As part of the CBP, KMC has adopted a vision for itself; a vision to develop into ‘ an efficient, effective, equitable, citizen responsive, financially sustainable and transparent organisation, delivering quality service to its citizens’. The Vision Statement reflects KMC’s aspirations for itself, and for the city as a whole. The aim of the CBP is to facilitate the achievement of this Vision.

Detailed scope and project design

In November 2002, DFID appointed IPE (Infrastructure Professionals Enterprise, New Delhi) as the Inception Phase Consultants (IPC) to further refine the scope of the CBP identified under the ADB feasibility report and reach an agreement with KMC and other stakeholders regarding the design of the CBP. The IPC then detailed the scope of the CBP and proposed interventions under the following heads (consultants for which were selected through a competitive bidding process) -

CBP001 Organisational Development
A.F.Ferguson (AFF)
CBP002 Computerisation
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
CBP003 Public Relation & Communication .
CBP004 Geographic Information System
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
CBP005 Program Management
Change Management and Governance
Social Inclusion
Urban Planning
KPMG Advisory Services
CBP006 Resource Mobilisation and Improved Financial Management
ICAI-Accounting Research Foundation (ICAI-ARF)

The CBP Cell (CBC), comprising of KMC officials, is the key implementation agency of the project. Nodal officers for each module have been nominated for coordinating the work of the respective module - interacting with consultants, finalizing recommendations and implementing the same. The CBP Cell is headed by a CBP Manager.

Brief chronology of CBP

Oct 02
Inception phase launched
Mar 03 Detailed action plan developed
Jun 03 Capacity Building Cell set up at KMC
Jan-Jul 04 Consultants selected for technical and implementation advisory
Apr 05 Annual review of progress by DFID
Jul 05 Review of progress by KMC-MIC