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Circular No Date Subject
MC's Circular No. 90 of 2015-16 20-January-2016 Report on Legacy Data Entry of K.M.C employees in Computer System.
MC's Circular No. 84 of 2015-16 19-December-2015 ACR of Gr.A employees of the KMC
MC's Circular No. 81 of 2015-16 03-December-2015 Survey Observation Report in relation to sanction of Building Plan
MC's Circular No. 75 of 2015-16 02-November-2015 Date of submission of ACR
MC's Circular No. 70 of 2015-16 14-October-2015   
MC's Circular No. 69 of 2015-16 13-October-2015   
MC's Circular No. 62 of 2015-16 17-Sepetember-2015 Professional Tax Payment Certificate KMC Circular
MC's Circular No. 59 of 2015-16 10-Sepetember-2015 Emergent instruments/apparatus arrangements during festive days(most particularly from (October,ISt\ 2015 to October, 27th, 2015))
MC's Circular No. 58 of 2015-16. 10-Sepetember-2015 Emergent and superior-level personnel arrangements during festive days (most particularly from October, 18th, 2015 to October, 27tb, 2015)
MC's Circular No. 52 of 2015-16 21-August-2015   
MC's Circular No. 32 of 2015-16 30-jun-2015 Commercial Tax e-Return Certificate KMC Circular
MC's Circular No. 08 of 2015-16 20-April-2015 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 08 of 2015-16