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Circular No Date Subject
MC's Circular No.23 of 2020-21 23-September-2020 Clarification in format of MIC/BoA Agenda item for cases dealt under Section 400(1) & 416 of the KMC Act,1980
MC's Circular No.22 of 2020-21 23-September-2020 Directives to be followed by SO (Building) or any Other Officer dealing with Demolition, regularization and/ or change of use
MC's Circular No.21 of 2020-21 14-September-2020 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 21 of 2020-21.
MC's Circular No.20 of 2020-21 09-September-2020 Files to be created. transmittted and placed through the E - Office system.
MC's Circular No.19 of 2020-21 22-August-2020 Daily Activity Updates and 2-Way Communication on Social Media
MC's Circular No.18 of 2020-21 28-July-2020 Modification of point no. V of Mpl. Commissioner's Circular No.16 of 2020-'21 dated 20.07.2020
MC's Circular No.17 of 2020-21 22-July-2020 Modalities to be followed by KMC during this pandemic situation caused due to COVID-19:
(a) Necessary Modification of the Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 16 of 2020-21 dated 20.07.2020.
(b) Issuance of matching Order in tune with the Order of the Chief Secretary to the Government of West Bengal vide Memo No. 283- CS/2020 dated 21/07/2020
MC's Circular No.16 of 2020-21 20-July-2020 Attendance policy of permanent staff/Officer of KMC in order to avoid Congregation in Office premises.
MC's Circular No.15 of 2020-21 17-July-2020 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 15 of 2020-21.
MC's Circular No.14 of 2020-21 13-July-2020 Extension of period for submission of Declaration of Assets as stood on 1st January, 2020
MC's Circular No.13 of 2020-21 08-July-2020 Disposal of urgent files.
MC's Circular No.12 of 2020-21 07-July-2020 Amendment of Rule 22(C) of the GPF regulation of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.
MC's Circular No.11 of 2020-21 07-July-2020 Work flow of files involving values higher than the power delegated to the Director General.
MC's Circular No.10 of 2020-21 04-July-2020 Clarification in format of MIC/BoA Agenda Item
MC's Circular No.09 of 2020-21 27-June-2020 Reconstitution of The Tender Committee and Work Committee in KMC.
MC's Circular No.08 of 2020-21 25-June-2020 Insurance Policy For Persons Deployed For COVID-19 Related Duties in KMC.
MC's Circular No.07 of 2020-21 24-June-2020 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 07 of 2020-21.
MC's Circular No.06 of 2020-21 24-June-2020 Weekly Review Meeting with Urban Dev.& Mpl.Affairs Department,GoWB.
MC's Circular No.05 of 2020-21 17-June-2020 Restriction of construction of masonry building in high security zone of Kolkata.
MC's Circular No.04 of 2020-21 11-June-2020 Adoption of Standard Operating Procedures in The Kolkata municipal Corporation to prevent the chances of spread of the disease COVID-19 during the ongoing covid-19 induced crisis period.
MC's Circular No.03 of 2020-21 06-June-2020 To ensure 100% attendance of entire staff strength of KMC of all the departments w.e.f. 08.06.2020
MC's Circular No.02 of 2020-21 06-May-2020 Emergency arrangements during the ensuing norwester/rainy season in the next few months of 2020
MC's Circular No.01 of 2020-21 02-May-2020 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 01 of 2020-21