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Circular No Date Subject
MC's Circular No.26 of 2021-22 28-July-2021 Implementation of "Duare sarkar-government at doorstep" and "paray samadhan" in KMC.
MC's Circular No.25 of 2021-22 27-July-2021 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 25 of 2021-22
MC's Circular No.24 of 2021-22 08-July-2021 Partial amendment of Municiapl Commissioner's Circular No.173 of 2019-2020 dated 01.03.2020
MC's Circular No.23 of 2021-22 08-July-2021 Monitoring of court cases
MC's Circular No.22 of 2021-22 06-July-2021 Simplification of the process for dealing with application for mutation-seperation/amalgamation/apportionment of any premises where "Khatal is recorded" in Computer Data Base or Books of Record of the KMC against such premises.
MC's Circular No.21 of 2021-22 06-July-2021 ADDENDUM to Municipal Commissioner's Circular No.14 of 2021-22,dated:12/06/2021 regarding Modified Pension File Processing System.
MC's Circular No.20 of 2021-22 03-July-2021 Avoiding delay in tendering due to multiple causes
MC's Circular No.19 of 2021-22 02-July-2021 Restriction on entry & exit through the gates of CMO buildings, KMC
MC's Circular No.18 of 2021-22 02-July-2021 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 18 of 2021-22
MC's Circular No.17 of 2021-22 30-June-2021 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 17 of 2021-22
MC's Circular No.16 of 2021-22 22-June-2021 Job distribution amongst Special Municipal Commissioners
MC's Circular No.15 of 2021-22 14-June-2021 Ensuring full coverage of Covid vaccination and facilitating International Travel for genuine reasons
MC's Circular No.14 of 2021-22 12-June-2021 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 14 of 2021-22
MC's Circular No.13 of 2021-22 12-June-2021 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 13 of 2021-22
MC's Circular No.12 of 2021-22 09-June-2021 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 12 of 2021-22
MC's Circular No.11 of 2021-22 08-June-2021 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 11 of 2021-22
MC's Circular No.10 of 2021-22 07-June-2021 Emergency arrangements during the ensuing Nor’wester/Rainyseason in the next few months of 2021
MC's Circular No.09 of 2021-22 31-May-2021 Task Force at KMC HQ for Duare Tran Camps in YAAS affected wards under KMC
MC's Circular No.08 of 2021-22 29-May-2021 Duare Tran Camps in wards under KMC
MC's Notice of 2021-22 03-June-2021 Municipal Commissioner's Notice of 2021-22
MC's Circular No.07 of 2021-22 25-May-2021 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 07 of 2021-22
MC's Circular No.06 of 2021-22 21-May-2021 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 06 of 2021-22
MC's Circular No.05 of 2021-22 19-May-2021 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 05 of 2021-22
MC's Circular No.04 of 2021-22 12-May-2021 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 04 of 2021-22
MC's Circular No.03 of 2021-22 23-April-2021 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 03 of 2021-22
MC's Circular No.02 of 2021-22 20-April-2021 Municipal Commissioner's Circular No. 02 of 2021-22
MC's Circular No.01 of 2021-22 13-April-2021 Emergency arrangement during the ensuing Norwester/rainy season in the next few months of 2021