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The First Emblem of corporation image The First Emblem of
the Corporation, came into existence in 1896.
It represented two Adjutant Birds holding serpents
in their beaks and carrying a Crown on their shoulders.

The Current Emblem

Calcutta municipal corporation emblemOn 22 February, 1961, the old emblem was changed and a new design was adopted. This new design reflected the spirit and ideals of the newly established Calcutta Municipal Corporation. 

It has:

on the top , the words "Purosree Bibardhan" inscribed in old Bengali script.

below are the words "Kolkata Paurosangstha" inscribed in Bengali script.

at the bottom is the figure of an old Mayurpankshi Boat on three wavy lines depicting the naval trade of southern Bengal of by-gone days in general and of the Region in particular, both ancient and modern.

There are four pockets in four corners: on the top left is a flat eight-petalled lotus symbolising Beauty and Culture.

on the top right is a wheel with eight spokes, symbolising Industry and Progress.

at the bottom left there is a swastika symbolising all-round prosperity.

at the bottom right there is a double thunderbolt symbolising Force, High Ideals and Electrical Power.

the two side panels have a stalk of rice representing food supply. Below each rice stalk there is a fish, an auspicious sign.

in the centre there is a Hand of Fire typifying Purity and High Ideals in the hands of the body politic. It also stands for removal of diseases, filth and tardiness.