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Schedule of Fees and Charges for the year 2018- 2019

  Item Rate in Rs.  
I. Birth or Death Registration Certificate
1. Certified extract in respect of one person
  a) Application Form for Birth & Death Certificate Nil  
  b)First two copies of Death Certificate Free  
  c) For each additional copy of Death Certificate 100.00 per copy
  d) 1st copy of Birth Certificate Free If collected within a period of 1 yr from the date of birth
  e) For each additional copy of Birth Certificate 100.00 per copy
  f) When definite date and place are not given searching fee per year for non-entry certificate 300.00  
  g) Certificate of non-entry (in-form) in respect of one person per copy 500.00 per copy
II. Fees under Safety & Standards Act 2006
a) Fees for Registration
b) Fees for Licence issued by State LIcensing Authority
   (1) Manufacture/Miller
      i) Above 1MT per day Production or 10,001 to 50,000 LPD
           of milk or 501 to 2500 MT of milk solids per annum
      ii) Below 1 MT of Production or 501 to 10,000 LPD of milk
           or 2.5 MT to 500 MT of milk solids per annum
   2) Hotels - 3 Star and above
   3) All Food Service providers including restaurants/boarding houses,
       clubs etc. serving food, Canteens(Schools, Colleges, Office,
        institutions), Caterers, Banquet Halls with food catering arangements,
        food vendor like dabba wallas etc.
   4) Any other Food Business Operator
100/-per annum

5000/-per annum

3000/-per annum

5000/-per annum

2000/-per annum

2000/-per annum 
Note : For duplicate copy of Registration Certificate / License 10% of the applicable Licence fee is to be paid.
III. Slaughter House
1. Slaughtering Fees :
  a) Buffaloes 35.00 Per Animal
  b) Cows and Bullocks 35.00 Per Animal
  c) Sheep 12.00 Per Animal
  d) Goat 10.00 Per Animal
2. Fees for Sale of Skin :
  a) Buffaloes, Cows and Bullocks 15.00 Per Skin
  b) Sheep and Goat 10.00 Per Skin
3. Slaughtering permit for cattle 350.00 per year
4. Slaughtering permit for Sheep and Goat 200.00 per year
5. Permit for purchase of hoofs and horns 200.00 per month
6. Permit for purchase of hides 100.00 per month
7. Permit for purchase of Offals 40.00 per month
IV. Tangra Slaughter House
1. Stallage Fee 20/- per animal  
2. Permit fees for purchase of hoots & horns 2,400/- per year  
3. Permit fees for purchase of hides 1,200/- per year  
4. permit fees for purchase of offals 480/- per year  
V. Pig Slaughter
1. Pen Rent
  a) Small pens per month 50.00  
  b) Large pens per month 100.00  
2. Slaughtering Fees
  a) Hot water or burnt pig below 20 kg. 25.00 Each
  b) Hot water or burnt pig from 20 kg. to below 45 kg. 40.00 Each
  c) Hot water or burnt pig above 45 kg. 75.00 Each
  d) Permit Fees for Pig 450.00 Annually
VI. Rate of Dhobikhana
1. Stone rent per month 200.00  
2. Servants license fee per month 50.00  
3. Rent of coal shop per month 250.00  
4. Rent of soap & soda shop per month 250.00  
5. Rent of tea stall per month 120.00  
6. Rent of pan & bidi Shop per month 100.00  
7. Penalty 30.00  
VII. Burial Grounds (Hindu & Muhammedan)
1. Burial fees
  a) Fees for dead body above 12 yrs of age 100.00  
  b) Fees for dead body upto 12 yrs of age 50.00  
2. Masonry Grave Charges
  a) Fees for structural maintenance of old masonry grave 1000.00  
  b) Permission for const. of new masonry grave 5000.00 Depending on size
VIII. Cremation of dead bodies
1. In Electric Crematorium
  a) Up to 12 yrs of age 100.00 (plus Rs. 30/- for pollution control device wherever applicable)
  b) Above 12 yrs of age 220.00
2. In Wooden Crematorium
  a) Up to 12 yrs of age 50.00  
  b) Above 12 yrs of age 220.00  
IX. Preservation od Dead Body in Mortuary at Topsia Hindu Burial Ground (Peace World) 1000.00 per body per calender day
X Motor Ambulance Service
1. Fees for ambulance services in the case of patients conveyed within the jurisdiction of KMC
  a) For carrying patients to and from paying beds of Hospitals 150.00 Per trip
  b) For carrying patients to and from Nursing Home and other places for treatment etc. 150.00 Per trip
2. In the case of patients conveyed outside the jurisdiction of the KMC 8.00 Per KM.
3. For non-paying patient conveyed from the general indoor ward of a Hospital to any place within the Municipal area of this Corporation (but not to another Hospital) fee will ordinarily be Free  
Note : If more than one patient is conveyed by the same Ambulance in the same trip to the same Hospital, or to the same place only one charge will be made. Mayor/MiC will have the discretion to reduce or remit the charges in special cases, but the permission of the Mayor/MIC is to be obtained in writing by the party prior to the use of the ambulances and the same to be handed over to the driver who will carry the patient and the driver will submit it in the ambulance office on the following day.
XI. Vector Control Service
1. Cleaning edges and removal of water-hyacinth for Tank, Dobas & Jheels
  a) For cleaning the edges 60.00 per 100 sq. ft.
  b) For cleaning water-hyacinth or other aquatic vegetations 60.00 per 100 sq. ft.
2. Treatment of mosquito breeding areas with larvicides (including cost of labour & materials)
  a) For Tank, Doba, Jheels, Ditches, Drains 120.00 per 100 sq. ft.
  b) For Masonry Tanks, Cisterns, Receptacles (Serviceable or unserviceable) 25.00 per day per application.
  c) For ditches and low lands, choked service drains (private) 25.00 per 100 sq. ft./running feet.
3. Charges for removing mosquitogenic condition at construction sites by promoters of developers or fron the premises of big private institutions
  Type of chemical used cost per Sq.m./per day  
  a) Bti-WP Rs. 3/-  
  b) Temephos 50% EC Rs. 2.5/-  
XII. Maternity Home Service
1. Admission Charges for each admitted patient Nil  
XIII. Food And Water Sanitation
Portable Water analysis (Private)
Rate for Portable Water Tests :-
a i) Alkalinity

Rs 600/-
ii) Salinity
iii) TH, Cah & MgH
iv) Sulphate
v) PH & Turbidity
vi) TDS
b Arsenic Rs. 900/-
c Iron Rs. 600/-
d Bacteriological Test Rs. 600/-