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Mayor's appeal towards introduction of transparent property tax system:

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Be a part of a modern and transparent tax system.

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation has introduced area based tax assessment system (Unit Area Method of Assessment) for the purpose of assessment of valuation of a property in Kolkata and determination of property tax thereby. Relevant block and category of a property of a particular ward can be easily identified under this system. Thereafter on the basis of a pre fixed base unit area value or annual value per square feet of a property and relevant values of multiplicative factors for location, structure, occupancy, age and usage relating to the property concerned the assessee will be able to do the self assessment of the property and deposit tax. In this the new system enough protective measure has been provided so that the payble tax shall not increase exorbitantly. Please fill in the specified Form and contact with the Assessment-Collection Deptt. concerned

Besides this the Form can also be submitted online through KMC's website


and can be downloaded from there. The Form will also be aviailable, free of cost, at all offices of Assessment-Collection Deptt., Common Collection Centres and e-Kolkata Citizen Service Centres.

We believe that the Form is easily comprehensible, however, for any query, please feel free to contact with the concerned Assessment-Collection Deptt. of KMC immediately.

Assess the tax of your property on your own.

In case of increase or decrease in tax under new system because of payment of property tax as per old rate, in accordance with law KMC will adjust the amount paid in excess or send revised bill for increased tax.