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The programme of the observation of 'National Science Day' on 28th February 2020 at Birla Industrial & Technological Museum


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Birla Industrial & Technological Museum had organized the programme of 'National Science Day' on Feb.20,2020. Hon'ble MMIC (Education) Avijit Mukherjee had graced the occasion with his esteemed presence as the 'chief Guest' of the programme.210 no. of learners from 15 no. of KMCP Schools had participated in the programme. Hon'ble MMIC (Education) had inaugurated the programme and also paid his respect to the pioneers of Science & Technology by garlanding the half-bust statues of C.V. Raman & other Indian Scientists. Hon'ble MMIC (Educaton) also graced the occasion with his esteemed presence during the Open House Quiz & Science Film Show held at the auditorium organized by BITM. Hon'ble MMIC (Education) addressed the audience and explained the importance of Science & Technology among the learners of the participating KMCP Schools.

The learners thoroughly enjoyed the programme. The programme concluded with the learners taking a tour of the museum and enjoying the different galleries at BITM.