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Inauguration of two new burning furn aces at Sahanagar Keoratala burning ghat. :


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On Feb.16, 2019 with a view to ensure that the family of the deceased does not have to wait long to perform the rites and get the body cremated , Hon'ble Mayor Firhad Hakim inaugurated two additional electric burning Furnaces at Sahapur Keoratala burning ghat.

The dignitaries present on the occasion were Hon'ble Chairperson of KMC Mala Roy , Hon'ble MP Subrata Bakshi, Hon'ble Atin Ghosh , Hon'ble MMIC (Parks , Gardens & Urban Forrestry, Sports, Adv. & Parking) Debasish Kumar , Hon'ble MMIC (Housing, Gitanjali,Law,TPDD,PPP) Baiswanor Chatterjee, Hon'ble MMIC ( Roads & Engineering and related Palnts & Machineries) and many other guests.

At present by addition to these two furnaces total no. of furnaces are 10, including 2 (two)wooded pollution free furnaces. Moreover beautification of resting place has been made in the compound and adjoining areas has also been beautified to give peace and solace to the family of the deceased in their moment of crisis.