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Process of Mutation

At first, please procure the scheduled application form for Mutation called Form (A-42) [see sample]. This can be obtained from Central Record Section in CMO building. It is also available in Gariahat (Tolly Tax) office at Behala (SSU) Office. The form can also be downloaded from the KMC Website.

'No Outstanding Certificate' from Assessment Collection Department is required to be attached with prescribed mutation form (A-42). For obtaining NOC from Assessment Collection Department single dedicated computerised window has been instituted at respective Assessment Collection Units (At CMO Buildings, Tolly Tax, SSU, JU & GRU office) from which either NOC or letter of Intimation (LoI) of demand will be handed over within a specified time limit.

Do not forget to attach other papers/documents as mentioned in (A-42) form.

In case of Mutation on succession ground death certificate of the R/O and an affidavit regarding legal heirs (incase of intestate succession) or probated will (incase of testamentary succession)

In case of mutation and apportionment of tax, please submit a site-plan duly signed by an LBS and the applicant(s) showing the entire area of the premises as well the area(s) under the occupation of the individual applicant(s) along with the prescribed form of mutation (A-42).

In case of Mutation Amalgamation or Mutation-separation please enclose detail site map duly signed by a LBS.