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*** Counter payment can only be made on week days and not on Holidays/Sundays. Even if,the last date for payment without late fine falls on any Holiday/Sunday, licencees can make payment only through KMC website. ***
Certificate of Enlistment (CE) : Home

  Licence Department Kolkata Municipal Corporation issues Certificate of Enlistment, by virtue of Chapter XIII containing Section 199(1) & 199(2) with provisos of KMC Act 1980 read with the Schedule of Rates/Fees/Charges of Licence Department as approved by Corporation in its Budget meeting for any financial year. By virtue of the said section, Licence Department acts as the nodal department collecting fees/charges of co-lateral sections also.

Doctors' Clinic

If only one physician attends the clinic and the Licencee & the physician are two different persons. In such case a declaration from the attending physician regarding this fact accompanied by his/her IMA Registration No. is necessary.

Doctors' Polyclinic

If more than one physician is attending a clinic and the Licencee may be one or more of the attending physicians or a different person. In such case a declaration from the attending physicians is required stating this fact along with their IMA Registration Numbers.

For Trades liable to pay Water Supply Fees separately

i).For ICI consumers, Receipt of current years Water Supply Fees along with receipt of current years Drainage & Sewerage Fees.

However, this list is only illustrative, not exhaustive one. Requirements may vary depends upon the prevailing situation.