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Life never stops in Kolkata. At any time of the year there is something going on - a festival, a wedding, a match, a demonstration, a concert, a vernissage or a party. For some, Calcutta - Kolkata is the city of joy, while for others it is dirty, crowded, and noisy.
  Bangiya Sahitya Parishad Bangla Academy B.B.D.Bag, Dalhousie  
  Birla Planetorium Bose Institute Kolkata Information Centre  
  Kolkata University Coffee House Writers Building  
  Fort William Hastings House Rabindra Setu (Howrah Bridge)  
  Jadavpur University Kumartuli Legislative Assembly Building  
  Loreto House Metro Railway Nandan  
  Raj Bhawan Vidyasagar Setu    
Bangiya Sahitya Parishad
Bangiya Sahitya Parishad, situated near Maniktala, is an unique library that preserves ancient manuscripts of Bengali writings. It is open from 1 pm to 7 pm and is closed on thursday.

Address: 243/1 AP.C.Road. Kolkata -6.
Ph.: 2350 3743
Bangla Academy
An academy of Bengali Literature with a very dependable library and also a seminar hall.

Address: 1/1 A.J.C.Bose Road. Kolkata-20.
Ph.: 2223 9978 / 0956 / 1985
B.B.D. Bag, Dalhousie

Dalhousie Square, the centre of activity of the British Administration in India, is renamed after three brave martyrs of Bengal viz., Binay, Badal & Dinesh. It is a square area built around the old Lal Dighi tank which exists till date. It was later called the Tank Square and then the Dalhousie Square. It is still the 'heart' of Kolkata. Many famous buildings housing important offices, business centres and banks are located here.

On the southern side of the square is the Raj Bhavan or the Governor House, built in Georgian style of architecture. Close by, is the Assembly House, a unique specimen of Gothic architecture and St. John's Church which happens to be the oldest Church in Calcutta. Herein lies the mausoleum of Job Charnock, the founder of the city. In the north lies the Writer's Building, a grandiose Gothic architecture which houses the secretariat.

Birla Planetorium
A spectacular asset for modern Kolkata. Regular astonomical shows are presented here with commentries in differt languages. This is an architectural marvel. The spherical one-storeyed Planetarium was tremendously influenced by the Buddhist architectural remnants at Sanchi. Its circumference is 82 ft. This wonderful house exhibits the universe and the solar system with all their enigmas. The planetarium has a capacity of 500 spectators.

Address: 96, Jawaharlal Nehru Road. Kolkata -71.
Ph.: 2223 1516 / 6610
Bose Institute
A leading organisation of the nation, with an intention for the advancement of science and diffusion of knowledge. The Institute is in the service of the nation for the last 75 years through its pursuit of advancement of knowledge in science and technology and by producing efficient and skilled scientific manpower that the country needs for its development. .This institute was establishes by Late Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, in the year 1917.

Address : 93/1 A. P. C. ROAD, Kolkata.
Phone : 2334 2403 / 02
Kolkata Information Centre
A centre for several types of information regarding Kolkata & West Bengal can be obtained from here. It is also a cultural centre with an auditorium - Sisir Mancha , and an exhibition hall -Gaganendra Pradarshanshala.

Address: 1/1 A.J.C. Bose Road. Kolkata - 20.
Ph: 2223 2451 / 4214
Kolkata University

The University of Kolkata was founded on January 24, 1857. The University adopted in the first instance, the pattern of the University of London and gradually introduced modifications in its constitution . The University is now being governed by the Kolkata University Act, 1979. The Act provides for the reconstitution of the University to enable it to function more efficiently in the fields of teaching, training and research in various branches of learning and courses of study and extending higher education to meet the growing needs of the Society. Under the Kolkata University Act 1979, the Vice-Chancellor is the principal executive and academic officer of the University.

Location: College Street.
Ph: 2241 0071 -78 / 4984 - 90

Coffee House
It is the heart of College Street where renowned polititions, writers, students and artists spend hours in 'adda' over a cup of coffee. It was formerly known as Albert Hall which was connected with many historical meetings and seminars.

Location : College Street.
Writers' Building
Presently the seat of State Secretariate. It was built during the days of the East India Company to provide shelter to the junior writers or clerks of the company. The original building was constructed in 1770 on the same site as the present one, but it was plain stuccoed. The present Gothic structure was built during the tenure of Lt. Governor Ashley Eden (1877 - 1882), is much more imposing than the original ever was. Situated at the northern end of Dalhousie Square, it now houses the Secretariat of West Bengal Government.

Location : B.B.D.Bag
Ph.: 2235 5601 / 3371
Fort William
Named after King William III of England, it is the headquarter of Eastern Army Command. The Fort William stands solemnly on the Western bank of The Ganga. It stretches from the Western flank of the Red Road. Inside the Fort is the St. Peter's Church which was constructed in 1928. Swimming pool, Boxing stadium, Firing Range and other necessary arrangements are present within the Fort. There is also a provision for ten thousand interns of the Fort. The Fort has huge archways, one of which is known as 'Plassey Gate'. It is said that this is the only Fort in the world from where not a single bullet or cannon-ball has ever been shot.

Location: Red Road.
Hastings House
Currently it is the Women's Teachers Training College.

Rabindra Setu
This is popularly known by all and sundry as the 'Howrah Bridge'. The Howrah Bridge is a sort of 'Cantilever bridge'. In it cantilevers project from piers and are connected by girders. The Howrah Bridge or Rabindra Setu can also be regarded as the 'Gateway of Kolkata'.
Jadavpur University
The university has an international repute, having several modern subjects with science and arts stream. It was established at Jadavpur in post-Independence time for strengthing the modern education system.

Ph.: 2473 0399/ 4044 / 4495
Kumartuli, a warren of lanes is home to a community of artisans & potters who specialize in making the clay, straw and pith images of deities used for the major festivals. In the days leading up to the great pujas, especially that of Durga, Kumartuli is a fascinating hive of activity.

Location: Shovabazar Street.
Legislative Assembly Building
Near the High Court is the Legislative Assembly Building where the elected representatives of the State meet.

Ph.: 2248 6211
Loreto House
The ambience of the house where Vansitart, Governor of Bengal, used to live, but was changed overnight when a group of young Irish Loret nuns landed at Chandpal Ghat in 1841. The house was turned for their residence and was named as Loreto House.

Location: Park Street.
Metro Railway
IThe Metro Railway is a jewel in the crown of Kolkata. India's first underground tube railway, the Kolkata Metro, connects the south to the north viz., Tollygunge to Dumdum. It covers a distance of 25 kms (approx) and has 23 stations. The whole journey takes 50 minutes. With its clean surroundings, prompt & consistent service, it offers a comfortable journey to the harassed office goers sick and tired of traffic jams.

Ph.: 2556 5069 / 2249 3959
A cultural complex with multiple film theatres and the Satyajit Ray Film Archieve.

Address : 1/1 A.J.C. Bose Road. Kolkata -20
Ph.: 2223 1210
Raj Bhawan
It is the Government house and was built in pre-Independence times, 1803. It is the residence of the Governor of West Bengal.

Location : B.B.D.Bag
Ph. : 2220 1641
Vidyasagar Setu
It is a modern day engineering marvel and is the largest cable stayed bridge in Asia. It is named after one of India's great sons - Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. This new bridge over river Hooghly connects Ravindra Sadan with Howarh. It is also known as the second Hooghly Bridge.
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