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*** Issuence(New/Renewal) ,Change,Correction,Defaulter Renewal of CERTIFICATE OF ENLISTMENT will be available from 05-04-2024 for Fin. Year 2024-2025. *** NOTIFICATION for fixing up QR codes on advertisements *** Draft "Kolkata Municipal Corporation (Advertisement Policy) Regulation 2022" is published in Official Gazette on 26.05.2022 and is available in below Message Board. Suggestions and objections are invited in writing within one month of publication of the draft *** Immersion training by ECHO India for KMC Health staff *** List of Self Assessment Return Preparer under Unit Area Assessment(UAA) *** Notice for engagement of Contractual Teacher in the KMCP Schools. *** Property tax assessment is now made easier in Kolkata Municipal area. Unit Area Assessment (UAA) system has commenced from 1st April 2017. *** Assess your property tax on your own. Taxpayers are requested to make early payment against the bill for the current year (2017-18), as sent to respective address and know the property tax under the new tax assessment system (UAA) by filling in prescribed form (SAF) for self assessment through offline or online mode. Collect SAF from the office of your nearest Assessment-Collection department, Common Collection Centre or E-Kolkata Citizen Service Centre or download from KMC website. *** Online Mutation Application for Assessment Collection *** Download KMC Mobile App for Android,iOS and MS Windows from play store *** KMC Climate Change *** 6 Videos on Achievements of KMC is now available in YouTube and in official facebook page of KMC *** Hologram will be affixed on Building Permit, Sanctioned Plan, Completion Plan, Approved D/Sketch, Order of Hearing and Completion Certificate(Partial/Full) *** Swine Flu - Dos & Donts *** New Time Schedule for Payment of Tax *** Apply for Mailing Address Change *** Download NOC of Assessment Department *** Make online payment against Property Tax (PD), Current F/S, Outstanding LOI, Building Demand, Water Fee, Drainage Fee, Advertisement Fee, Amusement Fee, Car Parking Fee, CE Demand, Market Demand, CHVS Demand, Bustee Demand *** Check online Property Tax, Building Demand, CE Fee, Water Fee, Drainage Fee, Advertisement Fee, Amusement Fee, Car Parking Fee, CE Demand, Market Demand, Bustee Demand *** Check online Birth/Death records *** Register online Grievance *** Register Your KYC ***

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