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KMCP Schools
Information about KMC Primary School along with Schemes for the benefit of the Students
1. No. of KMCP Schools at present are 263 including three streams i.e. Bengali, Hindi and Urdu (Boys & Girls).
  No. of Bengali Medium Schools are 154
  No. of Hindi Medium Schools are 46
  No. of Urdu Medium Schools are 56
  No. of Mixed (Bengali & Urdu) Medium Schools are 5
  No. of Mixed (Hindi & Urdu) Medium Schools are 2
2. Stream wise present No. of teachers:
  Bengali Medium - 328
  Hindi Medium - 100
  Urdu Medium - 111
  Mixed (Bengali & Urdu) - 18
  Mixed (Hindi & Urdu) - 12
  Music Teachers - 6
  Craft Teachers - 7
3. Stream wise present no. of Students:
  Bengali Medium: 13338
  Hindi Medium: 5611
  Urdu Medium: 8681
  Mixed (Bengali & Urdu): 681
  Mixed (Hindi & Urdu): 442
  Total No. of Students: 26971
With the Financial assistance of Govt. of West Bengal K.M.C is organizing 102 centres of Child education (S.S.K) between 01 to 141 Ward in different streams.
  Bengali Medium: 72 Centres
  Hindi Medium: 10 Centres
  Urdu Medium: 17 Centres
  Oria Medium: 01 Centre

204 Assistance and two Inspectors have been engaged for the aforesaid Centres.
The following schemes have been undertaken in KMCP Schools for the benefit of KMCP School Children and / or the children of the neighbouring areas.
  • Annual Sports meet of KMCP School Children.
  • Participation in State Level Sports on regular basis
  • Distribution of national text books amongst the children of KMCP Schools and S.S.K. on free of cost.
  • Libraries for students
  • Participation in integrated learning project evaluation through Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (S.S.A.).
  • Various training programme for development of scientific concepts of the children of KMCP Schools are arranged by Education       Department, K.M.C with the financial assistance of UNICEF.
  • Celebration of International Literacy Day on 8th September every year.
  • Distribution of School Uniforms.
  • Distribution of academic prizes and sport prizes.
  • Distribute Mid-day-meal to all students of KMCP schools
  • Celebration of auspicious days namely Netaji's Birthday, Republic Day, Rabindra Jayanti, Independence Day etc.
  • Participation of School Children in sit & draw programme.
  • Participation of school children in educational tour to places of Historical interest.
  • Arrangement of school wise exhibition on improvised models.
  • Work Education and Physical Education.