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Manholes without Cover?Damaged Roads?Uprooted Trees?

As a citizen of Kolkata, you often face such civic problems. And you are unaware of what to do or where to go, to tackle them. Your awareness will not only save you from further trouble but will also help us to serve you better. Take a quick look at these problems and their solutions provided by the Engineering Department of KMC.


  • Stolen covers of manholes/gully-pits cover : Immediately inform the KMC Control Room/Borough Office/local Ward Office.

  • Removal of House Drainage Chockage : Contact the Ward Office/Borough Office. Deposit Rs. 185 in favour of KMC.

  • Removal of Chockage of sewer on KMC main thoroughfare : Contact the local Ward Office/Borough Office/Control Room.

  • Drainage connection for New House :

    (1) Apply through enlisted plumber of KMC. List of such plumber will be available at the Borough Office.
    (2) Select a plumber from your own choice. The plumber would assist you for getting the sanction to the house drainage plan of your premises
          and he will execute the internal drainage system and effect the house drainage connection finally to municipal drain/sewer under supervision
          of Engineering Deptt.

  • Documents required for new house drainage connection :

    (1) Plumber Neogpatra/Letter of Engagement.
    (2) Copy of Building Sanction Plan alongwith the original copy for verification purpose.
    (3) Lay out of the proposed internal house drainage plan showing the proposed connection with the KMC sewer.
    (4) Photo copy of the enlistment Certificate of Plumber
    (5) Current Tax Bill
    (6) NOC from Assessment & Collection Deptt. and LAw Deptt.
    (7) Occupancy Certificate during effecting House Drainage Connection.

  • Carriageway sanction plan :

    (1) In case of new building sanction of carriageway is compulsory.
    (2) Engage KMC enlisted LBA/LBS/Plumber/Enlisted P.I. Contractor for getting sanction of carriageway plan.
    (3) Deposit the required fees.
    (4) Submit the Neogpatra/Letter of Engagement of LBA/LBS/Plumber/Enlisted P.I. Contractor for getting the sanction of carriageway plan
    (5) Copy of building sanction plan alongwith the original copy for verification purpose.
    (6) Drawing of the proposed carriageway plan.
    (7) Photo copy of the enlisted plumber/LBA/LBS/Enlisted P.I. Contractor.
    (8) Current Tax Bill.

  • Repairing of pot-holes on roads : Inform the local Ward Office/Borough Office/KMC Control Room.

· • Removal of uprooted trees : Inform the KMC Control Room.


  • Do not allow contaminated water on the roads.

  • Do not occupy any road/footpath to construct any structure/garden.

  • Do not urinate in any open area other than the public urinals.

  • Do not prune/cut off any tree/sapling in front of your premise without KMC's permission.

  • Do not throw wastes/garbage on KMC roads. For this contact the Borough Office.

  • Do not let your pet dog excrete on the roads.

    Help us to make Kolkata, a clean, green city. As a dutiful citizen, your responsibilities, awareness and civic knowledge are necessary. The above     directions will definitely show you the right way.