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Online Application For Amusement Annual Permission Closure

Application For Amusement Permission Closed under Section 422(read with section 543) of the KMC Act. 1980
  Applicant and Event Information
    Application For Financial Year: *         C.E No is made Mandatory for Annual Amusement Permission.
    Permission No* CLICK HERE TO INVOKE THE VENUE SEARCH TOOL.     If not obtained yet, Please obtain it and then proceed again.
    Party's Establishment Name
    Assessee No Ward *
    Street Name Premises No *
    Event Address
    Event Address2     Event Pincode * 700 -
   Applicant Details
    Applicant Name             
    Applicant Address1             
    Applicant Address2             
    Applicant Pincode Applicant Contact No.*
    Applicant Id Type* Applicant Id No *
   Permission Details
    Permission Issue Date
    Event Narration           

       The above information is true to the best of my knowledge and in case of any deviation/ violation KMC will have all rights to initiate
       action against me/my organization as per KMC Act/Rules/Regulations.

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