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Requirements For Obtaining CE

Properly & neatly filled in prescribed Application Form with Signature, Date, Seal, and Names of Proprietor /Partner (s) /Director (s)/Karta/Manager.

Self Declaration format duly filled in and signed with company seal affixed .Licence Self Declaration Format for Obtaining New C.E

Photocopy of current rent receipt / challan / lease agreement from rent control (for tenants/lessee) or current K.M.C Property Tax Receipt /Bill (for owner of the trading premises).

In case of Rent-free trading spaces, Current consent letter in original, mentioning the area along with Current C.E of the consenter if the said consenter doing any Trade along with current Rent Receipt / Receipts from Rent Control or Current K.M.C Property Tax Receipt/ Bill of the Consenter.

Self attested copy of any Govt. Photo Id. (Adhar, PAN, EPIC and alike) of Prop./Partner/Director/Karta etc.and one valid Mpbile Number of CE applicant must be given.

For Partnership firm all Partnership Deeds (Self Attested copies).

Copy of agreement / Certified copy of conveyance Deed or in case of I.G.R. Receipt copy which duly certified by the respective Advocate for confirming I.G.R. for registration of purchase.

For trading spaces in any (1) Govt. Markets, (2) K M C Markets, & (3) Govt. campus like campus of K.M.C, C. P. T., C.I .T. etc. C/E can be issued only in the name of actual tenant; no consent or sub-tenancy will be entertained in such cases

For trading space in Co-Op Housing Society the consent letter from Secretary of the Co-Op Society/Appropriate Authority is required.

For trading spaces in Govt. Housing Estates, current clearance from Housing Estate Manager.

For issuing new Certificate of Enlistment to Professionals, documents confirming the profession.

For Issuing new Certificate of Enlistment to certain business/commercial activities, specific permission/clearance from different statutory bodies, as the case may be, is required to be produced as a pre-requisite.


For any trade related to (a) Liquor (Wine), (b) Edible spirit, (c) Ammunition and alike
Clearance from Police (Permission) and necessary permission as regards Excise, wherever applicable;

For Transport Agent (with car)
A copy of Blue Book and Insurance Policy of the Car/s; Certificate of Fitness of the Car/s from P.V.D./component Authority;

For Traveling Agent
Declaration in plain paper (in original) in prescribed Performa;

For Trades related to Inflammable and/or Explosive Article
Fire Licence or necessary permission from Directorate of West Bengal Fire Service/Explosive Licence for Gun/Gun powder/Fire Works or alike.

For Chemist & Druggist
  1st. Certificate of Enlistment to be issued on production of deposit receipt (in T.R. Form No. 7) of Registration under Clinical
       Establishment Act., Government of West Bengal.
  For renewal Permission from Drug Controller is necessary

For Nursing Home/Hospital/Pathological Laboratory/Diagnostic Centre
1st. Certificate of Enlistment to be issued on production of Licence under Clinical Establishment Act., Government of West Bengal

For Clearing/Forwarding Agents issued by Agencies
Agency Certificate from respective appropriate authority (i.e. Customs/Excise/Engaging Organization or any other authority which may be deemed fit for this purpose.

For Singer & Dancer
  Copy of Ration Card/Passport/Voter Identity Card/Pan Card;
  Permission from appointing authority for singing and dancing along with the photocopy of the current Certificate of Enlistment
  Two copies of latest passport size photograph;

For Ration Shop (A. R. Shop)/or any other Govt. Shop
Permission from Food Department or any respective Department is necessary.

Professional(S) (with chamber) (in case of Doctor/Physician)
If only one physician attends the chamber and the Licensee & the attending physician is the same person.

Doctor's Polyclinic
If more than one physician is attending a clinic and the Licensee may be one or more of the attending physicians or a different person. In such case a declaration from the attending physician is required stating this fact along with their IMA Registration Numbers.

For Trades liable to pay Water Supply Fees & Drainage fees separately
i)For ICI consumers, Receipt of current years Water Supply Fees along with receipt of current year's Drainage & Sewerage Fees.
ii)For ICI consumers, Receipt of current years Water Supply Fees along with receipt of current year's Drainage & Sewerage Fees.
On production of such original receipts along with photocopies the Licence Department undertakes necessary adjustment of fees in CE as per prevailing norms/practice
For Closure of Pvt. Ltd./Ltd. Company Registered under Company's Act 1956:
Photocopy of the extract of the Board Resolution of the Company along with an intimation to R.O.C. U/S 560 of the Company's Act 1956.

For Closure of Partnership Firm:
Photocopy of the Deed of Dissolution of Partnership along with partnership formation deed.