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Solid Wastes/Refuses - where to dispose them?
Take a look at the steps to be taken by you

Cleaning your own garden?Renovating your house?Erecting a scaffolding,or making any other temporary structure on the footpath?
Thinking about where to dispose off broken stems,leaves,roots,bricks,bits & pieces of concrete or cement slabs
and the leftovers of scaffolding like bamboos,mats and ropes?

As a responsible citizen,you should be aware of some of the following simple facts:

(1) To contact your local Solid Waste Management Dept.(SWM)Ward Office.
(2) To deposit the required fee.
(3) To obtain a receipt/permission from the KMC office.
(4) To intimate the KMC office on the commencement of the work.


(1) Do not start the work before informing the local SWM Office.
(2) Do not start the work before depositing the required fee at the KMC office.
(3) Do not start the work without a valid payment receipt.
(4) Do not start the work before informing the KMC office.

Dispose off your daily garbage
on time at the specified vats or in the
handcrafts of the sweepers.

Let not your problems hamper others.Please remember some of the simple but essential directions,mentioned above,to keep Kolkata clean. Help us to maintain a clean,green city. Remember,the city is yours.

As a citizen,it is your moral duty to keep the environment clean and pollution-free.

To serve you better
Kolkata Municipal Corporation
needs your continuous support and co-operation

Control Room : 2286-1212/1313/1414