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Tension-free way to collect your Trade License

Tension-free way to collect your Trade License

Easy, hassle-free way to get your Trade License

Getting a trade license is an easy affair now.KMC has taken initiatives to simplify The existing rules and regulation for the benefit of the businessman or the organization.

Renewal process has been Simplified:

Since 2003- 2004, the process of sending Demand Notices has been initiated. Renewal will be done on payment of specified money in the counters as per Demand Notice. So, the traders will not have to file any application form or other documents or contact the KMC office. This will save time and reduce hassles for the traders.

Rules regarding Trade License or various Tradewise Licenses:
(a) Apply in the specified form(application form is available form the License Department).

(b) Enclose as proof of business place:
• If you are the owner,submit the KMC Tax Bill.

• If you are the tenant,submit the rent receipt.

• If you are the leaseholder,submit the lease document.

• If the owner of the house permits any person/relative to do business without paying rent,then the owner has to submit the letter of consent and the    recent property tax bill.

• If rent is paid through rent control,then the Rent control challan has to be submitted.

• If any authorized tenant permits others to do business without rent, then the tenant has to submit a rent receipt and his consent letter.

• In case of unasssessed property,the non-assessee should submit a declaration/affidavit as per the proforma.

• If any business or profession is carried out without a trade license,then the officials of the License department can grant the license during    inspection of the business area.

• Application has to be submitted to the Police department for doing business on hemp/opium/liquor/gun/cartridge/gunpowder/spirit and    inflammable articles.

• In case of STD/ISD/PCO, permission of P&T Department and money receipt has to be submitted.


• The permit of the Reserve Bank has to be submitted for money lending businesses.

• In case of Limited/Private Ltd.Company,submit MOA, Incorporation Certificate, Form-32, Form - 18 and Money Receipt.

• The Board of Directors' Resolution letter should be submitted for the opening of any company's Branch Office(within the KMC area) along with the    main Company's Trade License and for any company (outside the KMC area),opening a Branch Office within the KMC area,the Board of Directors'    Resolutionletter should be submitted,mentioning the location of the business area and the starting date of the business along with the Power of    Authority of the In-charge of the Company's Branch Office.

• In case of Transport Agent(with car),submit the Affidavit and RTA or the membership document of CGTA/PGTA as per the License Department's    format.

• In case of Travel Agency business,submit the Affidavit as per the License Department's format.

• In case of Electrical/Civil/Mechanical Contractors, Form-E and Diploma/Graduation Certificate should be submitted.

• In case of Chemist/Druggist business Submit TR Form No.7 and permission letter of Drug Control.

• In case of Sharebrokery business,submit SEBI membership document.

• In case of Import/Export business,submit IEC Certificate(Central Business Department,Govt. of India).

• In case of Clearing and Forwarding Agency Business, submit the permission letter of the specified department.

• In case of Pathological Laboratory,Clinic,Nursing Home and Hospital business,submit Registration Certificate (Clinical Establishment Act of West    Bengal Govt).

• In case of Cable TV business,submit the permission letter of the P&T Department along with the KMC Amusement Tax Clearance Certificate.

• In case of Ration Shop business,submit the permission letter mentioning the AR No. from the FCI Department.

• In case of hemp/opium/liquor(country/ foreign), spirit etc. business,the permission/license of the Central Excise is necessary.

• In case of any Electronics/Computerised Games, Video Parlour,Pool Games,Cable Operator/Cyber Café,Playwin, Fair/Mela and    Cinema,Theatre,Opera/Yatra/Circus,Billiards, Snooker etc.business,before the issuance of Trade License, permission letter of the Amusement    Department is necessary. In addition to this,you may also contact the entrusted officers of the License Department for your other queries.