KMC'S green drive : plant a Tree for a new born ::


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KMC in association with a private organization have undertaken the responsibility of enhancing the greenery of Kolkata & maintaining the newly planted saplings in a very innovative social way named - A child is born, a tree is born.

Launched on the eve of the World Environment Day on June 4 , 2012 at Alipore Horticulture by Hon'ble Environment Minister of West Bengal Sudarsan Ghosh Dastidar, Hon'ble Mayor of Kolkata Sovan Chatterjee, Hon'ble Chairman KMC Satchidananda Banerjee, Hon'ble MP Subrata Bakshi , Hon'ble MMIC (Parks & Squire ) Debasish Kumar. The initiative requires the parents of a newborn to first agree to adopt a tree in their child's name & then apply for it.

KMC wants to make the city livable for next generation. All these are very essential to combat global warning. Moreover planting trees is one of the most cost effective ways of off setting carbon emission, as well as it adds to the beautification of the city of course Rather than planting saplings, increasing the survival rate of the planted saplings is also important aspect of the project. In that case parents will feel an attachment to these saplings as they will have the name of their children . So they must take care of the green plants.

A Seminar has also been held on the World Environment Day. Theme : Green Economy: Does it include ? In the second session wherein five eminent speakers delivered their speeches, namely Prof. Siddhartha Dutta, Pro-Vice Chancellor, J.U., Dr. Aniruddha Mukherjee, HOD, Deptt. Env. Science, C.U., Dr. Sanjay Bhattacharya, Environmental Engineer, Dr. Sujoy Basu, Expert on Non-Conventional Energy Resources, Sri Jayanta Basu, Environmental Expert.

The entire programme was supported by Siddha Group.