KMC to maintain Dhapa Dog pound on its own ::


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The Kolkata Municipal Corporation has decided to look after the Dhapa Dog Pound on its own which costs Rs.2 lakhs to rejuvenate it.

Besides providing with sound treatment for the sick dogs, the civic body with the help of an NGO undertook sterilization operation from 20.12.2012. After sterilization the dogs are left back at the places they are caught from.

Three hundred stray dogs can be sheltered at this modern dog pound with three operation theatres. Four veterinary doctors have been appointed to take care of the dogs.

The inauguration programme for taking over the Dhapa Dog Pound held on Dec.20,2012 was marked by the presence of Hon'ble Minister-in-Charge of Micro, Small & Medium Scale enterprises Sri Swapan Debnath , Hon'ble MMIC (health, engineering & roads) Sri Atin Ghosh, Hon'ble MLA ,Dog lover and eminent actress Smt. Debasree Roy , Hon'ble local Councillor Sri Shambhunath Kow ,Hon'ble Councillor of Ward no. 27 Sri Raj Kishore Gupta, Hon'ble Chairperson of Barough -VII Smt. Susmita Bhattacharjee and other distinguished personalities. 'Tantuja' a State Govt. enterprise declared to give blankets to the dogs of the pound through KMC. which have already been received.