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Inauguration of Mayor's Cup Foot Ball Tournament
Kolkata Municipal Corporation and National Urban Health Mission organized a dengu awareness Campaign programme
Kolkata District Student-youth Science Fair 2016
Inauguration of four numbers ultra Modern and world class Dengu detection Centres
Inauguration programme of Renovated and beatified Pond at 1 no. Satrapara Lane at ward no-2, Borough -I
Lok Adalat December, 2016
Annual Sports Meet, 2016 for the learners of KMCP Schools & SSKs under The Kolkata Municipal Corporation
Walk for ADI Ganga
Kolkata won best award regarding Solid Waste Management
Inauguration of Dilip Mazumdar Smriti Bhavan Community Hall in ward no-83
Lok Adalat November, 2016
Kolkatashree 2016 Award giving ceremony
KMC observed 99th Birth Anniversary of Bharat Ratna Indira Gandhi
Courtesy visit by Georgia State University delegation to Kolkata Municipal Corporation
Observation of International Science Centre and Science Museum Day on Thursday, November 10, 2016
In association with NUHM, KMC inaugurated three newly modelled and expanded Urban Primary Health Centres at
Inauguration of Park 'Gopal Kanan' and renaming of Road as 'Gopal Master Lane'
First meeting:The Committee organized for City Level Vigilance & Monitoring of National Urban Health Mission
KMC to honour elderly people of old-age Home
Modern portable Compactor and Scientific Solid Waste Compactor Station
296th Birth Anniversary of Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar
On Sept.24, 2016 Lok Adalat was held at Town Hall, 4, Esplanade Row
Inauguration of 3 Dengue detection centres
Application Form for participating 'Kolkata Shree Award 2016'
Rehabilitation of old Banyan Tree
Inauguration of Swami Vivakananda Uddayn and unveilling the statue of Swamiji
Inauguration of Modern Scientific Waste Compactor Station at Masjid Bari Street in Wd.no 18, Br.-II.
119 shop owners gets key at Barna Parichay Market in Collage Street
91st Birth Anniversary of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar
Unveiling ceremony of the Statue of Mother Teresa
Inauguration of two storied general toilet at Hatgachia in ward no-58 under borough- VII
Campaign for avoiding plastic below 50 microns
An workshop on Diseases of Public Health importance organized by KMC Health Department
Lok Adalat august 2016
Modern portable Compactor and Scientific Solid Waste Compactor Station at Gora Chand Road in ward No.-60, Borough-VI
Inauguration of 'ICHCHAPURAN' Community Hall in ward no-107,Borough-XII
70th Independence Day celebration
Reverential Homage to Kabi Guru Rabindranath Thakur
Four tips for prevention of dengue
Lok Adalat held on July 30 ,2016 at Town Hall
Inauguration of Modern Scientific Waste Compactor Station in Wd.no 64, Br.-VII
Kolkata Municipal Corporation and United Kingdom tie up towards developing a low carbon and climate resilient Kolkata
'Forest Week' and 'Tree Plantation in Rainy Season' Programme
Inauguration of a bunch of projects at Nivedita Park in wd.no.-VII
Inauguration of newly renovated Kendua Vivakananda uddyan and Bagha Jatin E-Block East Shisu Uddyan
134th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy
KMC Budget 2016-17
Iftar Party at Park Circus Maidan organized by KMC
Courtesy Visit of Bangladesh High Commissioner at KMC
Lok Adalat June 2016
Vaccination of street Dogs at Community Hall
Observation of WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY (31, MAY 2016)
Celebration of World Environment Day
KMC felicitates the Hon'ble Mayor
Birth Anniversary of Raja Ram Mohun Roy
117th Birth Anniversary of Kazi Nazrul Islam
Reverential Homage to Kobiguru Rabindranath Thakur
Lok Adalat held on March 12,2016 at Town Hall
Inauguration of new Birth and Death registration Counter at KMC Head Quarter
KMC to set up an archive at the house of Girish Chandra Ghosh
Anti Rabies vaccination camp for street dogs at Bama Charan Roy Road in wd.no-120
Inauguration of first KMC-run fair price market in Behala, wd.no.-118
Inauguration of Ward Health Unit in wd.no.-85
KMC signs MOU on diabetes and Cardio- Vascular Training
Foundation Stone Laying programme of Swami Vivekananda Uddyan in wd.no.-51
Chief Minister unveiled Bhasha Shahid Smarak on the occasion of International Mother Language Day
Vaccination of street Dogs at Godai Boori Math in Wd.no.-121
Distribution of Educational kits consisting of School uniform, Socks & Shoes
Inauguration of Mobile APP on Windows & iOS Platforms and Launch of New Modules in KMC Web Portal
Inauguration of Star Community Hall and Children's Park at 3, Star Lane in Wd.No.-11
Lok Adalat held on Feb.20,2016
Annual flower show in Br.-XIII
Newly constructed Booster Pumping Station at Behala Flying Club
New Booster pumping Station at Prafulla Park in Wd. 113
Inauguration of Naktala Head Works
Vaccination of street dogs in Picnic Garden
Inauguration of newly renovated & beautified Garia Adi Mahashansan Prangan
An awareness campaign through distribution of a booklet containing responsibility as Food Safety
Primary Health Centre at Harshi Street under Br.-V(Health) under NUHM
A new roadside garden at Golf Green in ward no.-95 under Br.-X
Vaccination Camp for Street dogs at Kasi Bose lane under Br.-II
67th Republic Day celebration
120th Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose
Distribution of 10 nos. of Bi-cycle and 10 nos. of Laptop to the learners of KMCP Schools (Jr. High Section) by Hon'ble Chief Minister of West Bengal at Netaji Bhaban on Jan.15,2016
Inaugural programme of a new English Medium KMCP School at 20/1B, Brindaban Basak Street in Ward No.20 under Borough No.-II
Statue of swami Vivekananda at Hidaram Banerjee Road in Ward No-48
Mohini Chowdhury Booster Pumping station at Senpally, Behala
Launching of Roadmap to turn Kolkata a low carbon & climate resilient city
Eye Check-up and eye-Glass where required of all the learners of KMCP Schools in association with Lions Club International,Kolkata
Two new Pay & Use toilets at
Central Annual Sports Meet 2015 of the learners of Kolkata Municipal Corporation Primary Schools and SSKs under KMC
Netaji's chair for public view
Online Registration and Licensing of Food Business Operators in KMC
Inauguration of Mukundapur Headworks in Jadavpur Area
Beautification of playground adjacent to Kasba Samannoy club in Wd. No.-67
Prevalence, Awareness and control of hypertension in the slums of Kolkata (PHISK)
Developmental programme in Oriental Seminary School
Inauguration of Community Hall'Agomoni'at Sarat Chatterjee Road,Behala
Kolkatashree 2015 Award giving ceremony
Lok Adalat December 2015
Renovation and Beautification project at 'Gurudwara Guru Ka Bag'
The Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006 and Regulations, 2011
Visit of the delegation from Dhaka North city Corporation (DNCC)
KMC observed 98th Birth Anniversary of Bharat Ratna Indira Gandhi
Chinese delegation at KMC
Introduction of two modern scientific compactor stations in Br.III
Photographs of deceleration of 'Kolkata Shree' Sharod Samman
Lok Adalat October 2015
146th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi